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This morning we landed at a larger rookery of Adelie penguins than yesterday at Petermann Island. Gentoo penguins were also there to greet us as they too were learning how to swim in the water. Its great to explore these environments at our ease. Lots of algae under the snow in green and brick orange in colour. Only two flowers grow in all the Antarctic but wasn´t lucky enough to see either. Lots of lichens on the rocks and mountains too. After tearing ourselves away from the penguins and other mammals we had to most amazing experience of an Antarctic Fur seal dancing around the zodiac as we returned to the ship. It was completely hyper about what we were. Ducking and diving and coming right up to us and then swimming away. Amazing creatures as they look like such lazy sods while they lazily lie about on land or on an iceberg....

In the afternoon, we visited a British Research centre called Port Lochroy which has 10,000 visitors each season! Anne bonded with one of the Scottish guys on board who lives in Fort William. Interesting to chat to and walk around.

Locations Visited: None specified.

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