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Barcelona- Berlin Connection

Beachgirl, wow, beachgirl |

Wanting perfection could kill. But man what curves!

After waking up four times in the night to puke my guts out (the melon with the dirty hands maybe huh?) I went to see the rooms. After some contemplation, after all I'm here to learn Spanish, I prefered to little cheaper room with cockroaches and Latin people above the very tide big more expensive room with Dutch people. Since Im here on Erasmustrip for 3,5 months, better get into the Spanish as deep as I can.

So after the puking and getting a room with the guy who I first spoke to in the entire city (can you believe that? When you want something how the universe can respond to that.) We went to the beach where I would meet up with A dancing woman from India. There she is! Wow, and who is THAT?? Both of them are lying topless, but wow, she has the most beautiful round curves i've seen so far. "Hi! Que tal?" We get aquainted through my dancerfriend and MAN is she HOT! A desert rose, born in Africa, brought up in America. Her curves are like the desertdunes from her birthcountry in morningsun. I look into her eyes and get high of her presence.

She has gone, and I too take my leave. I catch up with her with my board. We walk together pass the little markets. My entire body is vibing this male feaver. I can't think straight, but still manage to talk sweet and charm her with a compliment. Curves like desertdunes, so beautiful, she should have been a model. She works at an insurance company though. I bet her collueges turn around having their eyeballs fall out everytime she walks by, skirt or not.

She tells me she will leave in three days and doesn't have that much money any more, she would like it if she could sleep over by a friend. Is she Serious? I tell her I just got a room, isn't much, cockraoches and all included, but it's home. :-))
She tells me: "yeah great!" I think i must be dreaming but in half an hour we got here stuff out of her hotel and are standing in my 'room' with exactly one single bed and one closet.

Ofcourse the thoughts of possible sex in that bed crossed my mind already more than once and I am trembling with exhiliration of being around her, talking, lauching.. We're hungry. I know a cheap but stylish restaurant. She changes outfit and when she opens the door there's one of the most beautiful black woman I've ever seen, dressed in a black skirt and blouse, matching earrings and she gives me a killer look. We walk the streets together and Im glooming of proudness to have her on my side. I see envious looks of other man and Im having quite the walk of my life here.

During dinner we talk life and dreams. Not really so much awckward silences, smiles though, understanding and amazing eyecontact.
Back in my room, after another proudwalk promenade she rolls a spliff in my room. We eat chocolate together, drink a beer and have sweettalk. She offers me a massage, I give her one, she does my shoulders.. We look aechother in the eyes, I ask, grant me the favor of a small kiss.

The kiss is magical, tense, intense feeling of screaming blood in my veins, we fall to the bed, we kiss long time. Then I move to my side and we sleep. Being a gentleman.

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