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Trip of a lifetime

Sydney Sunshine |

Well we arrived in Canberra at 7am and tryed to find something to do until our next bus to Sydney at 4pm. If you've ever been to Canberra, you'll know that that is a difficult task! And when it's minus 1 degree and you're dead tired from trying to sleep on an over night bus, it's even harder to find something to do. But we must have wandered around for long enough because it was soon time to leave. Sorry Canberra, I won't be coming back!
Luckily the next bus was considerably shorter than the previous one, so we arrived in Sydney with time to check in, have a snooze and a shower and then go and find a pub that was showing the England match. The difficult part was staying awake until 2am when the match started. Not good when you're still brain dead tired from buses! However, glad I didn't wuss out and go to bed cos the match was good(ish) and the atmosphere was better.
The next couple of days were spent around and about Sydney re-visiting the tourist sites, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Circular Quay, Bondi Beach etc. and generally just enjoying being in a city we knew and had been to before.
Then back on the bus at 9pm for another brain shattering overnighter to Byron Bay. We stepped off the bus at 10am the following morning to torrential rain. Lovely! Just like home! Or apparently not. Anyway, the rain held off just long enough for us to have a look around the town and beach before it continued to drown Byron ("If only" says my Mum!). The next day we booked a trip to Nimbin, which is a lovely little town inland from Byron, renowned for its relaxed attitude towards marijuana. It's still illegal and there is a police station on the edge of town, but as long as there is no trouble then the police don't really interfere.
But apart from that we managed to prove that it is indeed a very small world because on the same mini bus as us was a couple we had met in the airport in Chile, Mark and Katie. Needless to say we were all very surprised and spent the day swapping stories about our travels since we'd last met.
Then back to Byron for a few drinks at the Rails and then off to bed to try and catch up on the sleep we are so desperately lacking.
Next stop Brisbane, so watch this space.
xxx Lucy

Locations Visited: Sydney, Byron Bay, Nimbin, Byron Bay

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