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Mission - Eiffel Tower |

The mission was simple. See the Eiffel Tower! My first whirlwind tour of Paris with Jenn and Sarah had that one thing lacking so I wanted to make sure that this trip I got to see Paris' most famous icon.

For the second time I found myself on the 5.30am Eurostar flying out of Waterloo bound for France. This time for company I had my parents who were visiting from Oz. Mum had always dreamed of seeing Paris so when I knew they were coming I made sure that Paris was on the itinery.

We arrived mid morning and after checking into our hotel (awesomely located right at the Arc de Triomphe) we headed straight for the Eiffel Tower. It is such an amazing and impressive site and one of those things that will stay in your memory forever. We even convinced mum to overcome her fear of heights and head up to the top. The view was spectacular with a sprawling Paris streching out as far as the eye can see and sights such as Napoleons Tomb, Notre Dame and the Arc all easy visible.

After lunch, I ditched mum and dad for a while to do a quick visit to the Louvre'. They weren't interested so they wandered the streets while I spent a couple of hours lost in this massive building. Not being a massive art fan I had my ideas of what I wanted to see, namely da Vinci's Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. Both impressive although the Mona Lisa was a lot smaller then expected and it was amusing to see the security guards hopelessly trying to prevent people from taking pictures!

I caught up with mum and dad again and we headed to look at the Notre Dame Cathedral. We looked around inside, stunning, and then we headed off for dinner at a resturaunt that my house mate Bree highly recommended (she was spot on too) and then we head a walk around the Champs Elysee before calling it a night.

Eiffel Tower. Box ticked!

Locations Visited: London, Paris

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