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Des & Tom´s Latino Adventures!

From chilly to Chile:) |

Right so yet again have another week to update hehe so will have to make my entry similar to the last one. So here goes...

Tuesday 21st Feb//
Got up early for breakfast again. Then we left to catch a bus to get to Bahia Lopez where we wanted to do a bit of hiking/walking whatever. Unfortunately the LP guide was a bit misleading and we ended up waiting 2 hours for our bus!! Yep! Turns out the bus that comes every 20 minutes was not the one we took hehe. Oh yea while we were waiting we saw a girl who looked exactly like Britney Spears! Seriously!

Anyways once we finally got on the very crowded bus 10 we eventually arrived at our destination of Bahia Lopez. Was absolutely gorgeous.. there was a big lake in front of us with mountains surrouding us really closely. Very cool:) Had lunch then we took a bit of a hike up to the Peninsula called La Brasa Tristeza. Was an absolutely amazing view from there as we looked down at the blue lake and looking down at the mountains all around. In the distance you could make out loads of snowcapped ones. To get there we actually had to follow another group of people who actually knew where they were going hehe but ye we saw them going even further up the mountain. And obviously Tom wanted to follow so we did. Was not exactly an obvious safe laid out path but made it near the top quite quickly and had an even better view that we had earlier!:)

After that we headed back down and ended up meeting these two gorgeous cute dogs:) hehe they actually followed us as we made our way on the 6k walk to Puerto Panuelo so stopped and egged them to go back hehe.

The walk was nice but wasnt quite as nice as a wonderful woodsy nature trail as it was described in the LP guide. In fact we were following a road all the way hehe. Did get quite nice at points and I really enjoyed shaking these plants that had black pea pod type things on them that made the kind of sound a maraca (not sure if thats spelt right!)would make:). Got a bit boring tho as it took us ages to get to Puerto Panuelos.

Got a bus back to Bariloche where we went straight to have dinner as it was quite late. Had dinner in this cute little Swiss restaurant called La Alpina. Tried the local specialty Jabali (wild boar yummy!!) with mushroom sauce and also had these gorgeous salmon raviolis in a thick cheese sauce. There was a hilarious incident actually when we were in there hehe because this drunken beggar guy came into the restaurant and literally tried to come back in about 3 times hehe before the the waiter managed to get rid of him properly. He actualy came straight up to us to asking for money clearly but we pretended we didnt understand hehe. Later on he approached us from the window we were sitting next to hehe:) so funny Tom and I crapped ourselves trying not to laugh as we were worried he would get offeneded and like pick up somehting from our table and throw it at us so funny hehe.

After dinner we went and had ice cream hehe:) so bad! Really nice tho!

Wednesday 22nd Feb//
Got up at an absolutely ridiculous hour today hehe 5:45 am!! Yep! For our tour to Puerto Blest hehe. Tom couldnt stop laughing because it was stil pitch black outside and we realised there seriously was no reason for the tour to start so early!

Anyways got on the bus to Puerto Panuelos where it was really cold. Unfortunately me and Tom didnt realy bring enough to keep ourselves warm argh! So we ended up staying inside the boat for the majority of the trip. The first leg took quite a while, was realyl cool tho cause some people were feeding the seagulls outside and I could see them swooping down really near by outside and landing in the water heeh some bashing into each other as they fought over pieces of cracker hehe.

Docked at our first stop in Puerto Blest where we walked up to see a gorgeous waterfall, a lake 850m above sea level (very beautiful think King Kong) and a massive Alerce tree which literally disappeared past the other trees up to the sky:) Apparently it is over a milion years old! Amazing:)

After that we took a short ride on the boat literally across to the other side from where we were. Everyone was piling onto buses so we just followed and ended up paying extra to go on this short tour of the Lago Fria. The first leg unfortunately wasnt so great because we had to sit inside as it was raining quite heavily. On the way back though the weather cleared up a bit and we could see part of Volcan Tronador! Was gorgeous around there aparently we were passing valdivian forest. Was cool also as this old man and a young kid managed to get this seagull to take a cracker straight from their hands!! very cool! Was amazing watching it steady itself and literally hover in one spot before grabbing the crackers hehe.

After that we saw yet again this girl on our tour who looked exactly like Vicki Pollard from Little Britain heheh! Had lunch at this hotel at the Port, very nice had a salad buffet, breaded meat and desert buffet! Was great as we forgot to bring food with us so we were starving at this point hehe.

After that we took the boat and bus all the way back to Bariloche. Was quit eearly so we had a 2 and a half hour nap hehe before setting off to have randomly Goulash mit Spatzle!! Very nice:) Were naughty and bought some gorgeous chocolate from this little shop hehe.

Thursday 23rd Feb//
Slept in and didnt have brekkie today. Went to Cocodrilos yet again for lunch. Only had two small empanadas one humita (corn grains) and one pollo (chicken) and a small salad. Needed to make sure I had room for afternoon tea later:)

Before that though we visited the cathedral there. Had huge amazing stained glass windows and these gorgeous intricately carved stone blocks depcting Jesus story.

After we headed on the bus to Puerto Panuelos/Llao Llao where we stopped off at Llao Llao Hotel:) Very nice! Had to dress up for it actually as it is a really nice hotel, and heard from other travellers that they couldnt get in easily because they were a bit scruffy. We got in really easily tho so dont know how scruffy those guys must have looked hehe:)

Anyways we had high tea in the end, absolutely gorgeous selection of sandwiches and cakes etc.. so good! Didnt actually know what to do at first i.e. if we went up and helped ourselves or what. Good hting we didnt take our own initiative and stayed seated as turns our we had to kind of 'order' what we wanted looking at the selection at the buffet table and the staff there served it all up for us! Very posh! hehe felt a bit weird tho. The scenery from where we were sitting was gorgeous as we were looking out onto a lake with huge snowcapped mountains in the backdrop!

Had a bit of a walk around the grounds before heading back to Bariloche on the bus. Unfortunately I had a bit too much tea at the hotel and had to get off early and left tom on the bus to have a wee in the middle of nowhere hehe.. yea nice. The buses are frequent tho so I was on another one in no time. Tom met me back at the bus stop in Bariloche.

Friday 24th Feb//
Got up early to book our bus back to Puerto Varas. Stocked up on lunch and chocolate obviously hehe:) for our trip to Cerro Catedral (were gonna go on a hike). Saw Vicki Pollard with a whole load of chocolate when we bought ours hehe thought it was hilarious!:)

Anyways headed off on a bus to Catedral mountain where we caught a kind of cable car part of the way up followed by a ski lift to the top. Gorgeous views all the way up :) At the top we found out that with our very expensive tickets for the lifts was also included free activities. We decided we wanted to go rock climbing and rappeling if they offered it later so we scrapped our long hike hehe.

Did take a walk up to the peak of the mountain though where we had lunch. Had the most stunning view of the andes, was just amazing seeing snowcapped mountains, kind of sandy mountains as well as forest covered mountains all next to each other.

Had loads of fun after as there were sections with snow at the top, and we slid down it hehe:) Strange though because it was quite hot up there, Tom was wearing shorts hehe:) Funny at one point as I was trying to take a photo of tom as he came down and in my quest to get a good shot I ended up being completely knocked from under my feet as I didnt move away in time hehe so Tom bashed right into me hehe.

After that we went and did some rockclimbing! Yep! Loved it, Tom was probably the best out of all the dudes who did it as he was really fast. I was worried because this girl that went before me looked quite sporty or whatever and she struggled attempting to get up a few times but never succeding.. I didnt do too badly tho in the end which was good! Tom was even impressed, apart from a bit of a slow start where I fell down once I made it all the way to the top in no time!:) Very proud of myself hehe. Was fun absailing back down the rockface, was actually quite high and straight so not that easy.

We stayed up there for a bit longer having a bit more of a walk around but then headed back soon after. Booked ourselves in for a tango show that evening!

Chilled out in our room for a bit before we headed out all dressed up for the tango show w dinner included. Had a gorgeous dinner, with mini empanadas for starters, liquer, cheese and tomato slices stacked up on each other, then trout with cheese sauce as our main with salad, followed by ice cream on fruit salad, chocolate and biscuits!!! Had a snack when we got back from Catedral which we regretted once arriving at the tango place hehe.

Anyways so yes the tango show was spectactular:) There was a male singer who performed inbetween acts very cool. Although to our horrow they were very into their audience interaction hehe. So yes I ended up singing in Spanish.. god only knows what I was tryign to sing hehe:) and had a go at dancing some tango with one of the guys there very fun! Tom left for a bit at the end of when they were trying to do tango with us hehe as he serously didnt want to do it hehe.

After the tango show they actually had an extra bit where we saw some of the local folk dancing with drums, and loads of fancy equipment. At the end they gave us these glasses of Chicha for free (apple alcohol stuff) to cheers at the end with all the dancers:) very nice!

Saturday 25th Feb//
Slept in yay!:) Then had lunch at cocodrilos yet again hehe, its cheap there!

After Tom ran back to the hostel to give our money to the hostel owners for the nights we stayed there. Then we only just managed to catch the bus to Cerro Leone where we wanted to go on the tours around some caves.

Arrived a bit early so we waited in the garden with all these cute dogs and sheep around hehe. Then with only Tom and me in the bus we were driven up to the starting point of our tour. Were a bit worried at first because our guide did not speak a word of english argh! and the tour was supposed to be 2 hours long hehe.. yea two ours of pretending to understand every thing he said argh! Luckily another bus of people were dirven up after us so was ok hehe.

The views there were great, could see the lake and the transition zone where it changes from the lake district to patagonia very cool.

The tour itself was ok, the first two caves were kind of lame and the guide was speaking for too long. The third cave tho was cool as we actually had to get on our helmets and crawl through a small opening to get inside! We were actually recomended doing the tour by this fat guy we met ages ago.. kind of wondered how on earth he made it through the small gap! serously even Tom had issues getting thorugh heheh.

Anyways so that was fun, after we headed up further up the mountain to the top where we could see literally everything was amazing. The mountains looked cool as the clouds were quite thick so there were cool patterns all over them where the sun shone through:) Headed back down after and went back down to where we were to catch our bus.

As we waited for the us was really funny as this large group of dogs came up to us hehe. They seemed fine at first but then this dog with a huge head started on another smaller one just as Tom was patting the others head haha! He got completely pushed backwards hehe. Another one was clearly scared of the huge one and kept standign shaking righ next to us! so sad! Lastly another one jumped up on me and was practically hugging me.. but the bus came so I had to push her off hehe.

Had dinner at cocodrilos where we shared a massive ass pizza. Saw a cool parade walking right past us with loads of sexy dancers with feathered costumes and such.

Sunday 26th Feb//
Unfortunately paragliding didnt happen due to windy weather:...( So caught a bus to Colonia Suiza so we could go on a walk to Laguna Negro. Had a bit of trouble trying to find the path at first but once we found it was an amazing wonderful woodsy nature trail:) The walk took quite a while.. about 4 hours to the actual lake.. well I didnt actually make it all the way because I was kind of slow and we were short on time so TOm went ahead and took some photos but I did make it quite high up! Oh yes the lake was up in a high valley between two mountains by the way. Tom was impressed i kept going actually which is saying something:) hehe. Anyways yep on the way back for some reason I had this newfound energy hehe and basically ran all the way. Tom could barely keep up! hehe well that was a bit of an over exagerration and I totally didnt mention his bad knee hehe.

Anyways made it back to bariloche after the walk and had our final meal there.. hehe went back to the place we went to on the first night and had the amazing stuffed steaks!! Yep! so naughty hehe. Bought some chocolate after as well too keep us well stocked for the rest of chile hehe.

Locations Visited: Bariloche

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