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Eurotrip. Summer. 2005.

Bath, England |

In my opinion Bath is a must see! I was taken to Bath by my aunt whom I was visiting while in England. This is a town that I would have missed out on otherwise. I remember seeing hostels, so it's backpacker friendly. =)

From what I remember, the whole town was coblestone roads and small shops. I went on a great doubldecker bus tour, complete with hot chocolate and commentary. I saw where Charles Dickens used to live as well as some famous authors etc. Bath is well kept and a nice place to take a day trip! I didn't see the 'Baths' because of course they're commercialized and you have to pay an arm and a leg to get in, but I learned about them and saw pictures.. it's a quaint, cute town. I highly recommend a visit!

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Today we took the train to Bath. Te city is named after the "Roman Bath" in the middle of it. The Roman Bath is a hot spring the size of a swimming pool. While we were there, we took a tour of the city on top of an open double decker bus. We saw where Charles Dickens used to live and many very expensive houses. We had vegetable & chicken pasty for lunch in a very small restaurant. We walked around the outdoor shopping/touristy area for a while and took the train back. I really enjoyed seeing Bath from the double decker bus and going to see Charles Dickens house. The city was very old and I learned a few things about the stone buildings. It was a great day.

Locations Visited: Bath

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