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I had a really amazing week… it started off a bit rockily with me being unable to get hold of Jim in Denver, so as I left work to catch the Greyhound I left a message on him machine saying “well, if you’re there to meet me I’m staying with you, if not, then I’m not”! Terrible leaving on a trip and not knowing, though! The bus took FOREVER to get to Denver – it was snowing so heavily that we crawled along, and eventually arrived three hours late – and Jim was there to meet me, had been standing there for three hours with a sign saying “Lyn” – poor man, but very sweet!

I spent the night with Jim and Amy, and then at about 4am Jim had to get up to take me to the shuttle pick-up point, which I caught to the airport and caught my flight no problem. It had been snowing so heavily, and the flight was so early, that they had to spray all the ice off the airplane before we could go anywhere. I had a window seat, so could see all the action and it was just fascinating! They have these huge scaffold-type things on wheels, and people stand on them with these huge hosepipes and they just get spraying – very freaky! Joy and Warren were at Sacramento airport to meet me and it’s quite a nice airport, and the pillars are made up to look like lots of luggage stacked on top of each other – the standing joke is that they made it from lost luggage at the airport!

Joy and Steve were really good to me, I loved staying there - and of course it was good to see Warren! We had a really good time, I really enjoyed just relaxing and wandering around Davis, and Joy and Steve took me out to a lovely restaurant on a boat in Sacramento, which was just delicious!! And I LOVED the Napa Valley. We went to this Champagne farm called Domaine Chandon, which was so beautiful, and we got a tour around the distillery that was very interesting. We then went to this gorgeous wine farm called Beringer and got a tour of the cellars, which are built into caves in the mountain. It’s also where they shot the wine cellar scenes for the movie “A Walk in the Clouds”. Then it was on to another farm called Sterling that has a beautiful central hill, and they actually have cable-cars running up and down the hill – so you get this gorgeous view… really amazing!

So now I’m back at Copper and it’s definitely starting to quiten down, so we’ve spent all morning trying to find a good deal to Hawaii for when we finish off work – wouldn’t that be fun?!?

Locations Visited: Frisco, Denver, Sacramento, Davis, Napa, San Francisco, Denver, Frisco

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