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PAAAAAARRRRTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! (Is the only way to describe that place.
I left on tuesday night and because my flight was at stupid oclock i had to wait at Ibiza airport for like 14hours for the other girls, i slept most of it and then made them welcome signs (yeah i was bored).
We got to our accomadation which was right on the beach and on a little strip in San Antonio where heaps happens. There were 2 big clubs within a 10min walk and a strip called the West End where you can walk up and down all night and scab free drinks pretty much.
We unpacked and then when to find a bottle shop as i needed a drink VERY BADLY after being at that airport for so long.
We saw cheap tickets for Privellage the 4th biggest club in the world so we got tickets and went home to get ready.
Privellage was HUGE and has a pool inside behind one of the stages where girls get in and swim and sometimes boys if they are allowed. We met some people from england who were nice and spent most the night with them. We left at about 4am because we were all buggered.
Thursday we only slept a couple of hours from the night before and went straight to the beach. Ally and I were still drunk i think because we started playing (water tennis) it was hilarious considering we didnt have any equiptment. We had a small nana nap and went to PACHA. By far the best club in Ibiza i loved it. The decor was fantastic and its set up was also great. DEEP DISH was playing so the music was AWESOME. We also bumped into some of our other girlfriends from London which was nice. We met these lovely Scottish guys who were heaps of fun to dance with. They were so cute especially when they would talk. There was a guy there who was crazy he was all geared up in a Spiderman outfit- and he was like 35...FUNNY AS!! We left when the lights came on which was about 8am and got back to San Antonio and went straight to the beach to sunbake.
Candice's cousin arrived from Austalia who is over now to live in London aswell, so we all had a nana nap for a couple of hours then went to Mambo's (which was where they did the line-up for who was playing at Pacha later at night so it always had good music) We caught up again with the Scottish guys because they were so sweet and just heaps of fun...(Ryan i miss listening to you say POSTMAN PAT haha) sorry little in joke. Then I went with the boys to Es Paradise because the others didnt want to go. It was all white inside and had really cool stages and stuff to dance on. The boys were great and i felt safe with them because the other girls didnt come. 6am we left and the club was about a 10min walk to my apartment so they boys walked me home. I went straight in and jumped on Candi because it was her 25th birthday.
I got a tiny bit of sleep before i got woken up go for brekkie for Candi's birthday. Then off to the beach to sunbake. We went to a mexican play just across the road for dinner and gave Candi her prezzie and stuff. We down to Mambo's to say goodbye to our funny little scottish boys and to get Candi drunk as they were doing free shots. Mission accomplished...Candi was drunk and went out with new friends she made to a club as i wasn't feeling very well and went to bed at like 2am.
Sunday i got a sleep in and woke up feeling great. Sunbaked for a little bit and then found a wicked aussie pub to watch the Aus v Brazil game. Fantastic place had heaps of old number plates and fosters stuff. Great place, Shit score!
We caught a cab into SPACE another one of the best night clubs in the world. The place was huge and had an outside and heaps of diffrent rooms. It was good but the music wasn't what i thought it would be and the girls didnt like it that much eaither so we left at about 2:30am and sat outside and ate a pizza.
Monday was overcast but still warm so instead of sleeping inside we slept on the beach which was lovely because you could hear the water and stuff. In the afternon we did a little bit of shopping and then caught up with some guys that were staying at the top of our hotel. Jeremy Candice's Cousin had made friends with them the night before. They were all working in Sweden but 3 of the guys were Aussie so that was nice. We went down to Mambo's AGAIN because ROGER SANCHEZ was playing and they had a fire show on the beach. It was our last night to go out so we went back to PACHA coz it was the best and Roger Sanchez was playing there. Once again the music was crazy and we left when they turned on the lights at 8am. The weather was still a little overcast so we went shopping and went for a walk around to some of the other beaches. We had dinner at the mexican place again and then all jumped in a cab to the airport....definetly DIDN'T want to leave :(

Locations Visited: Ibiza

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