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So, I'm finally settled in London, having an absolute blast. I'm living with Nina, Sue and Malcolm, who were all with me in Colorado, in a fantastic and gorgeous flat just near Hyde Park and so far we've had no trouble (other than a rather overactive rental agent!). I've been quite busy getting myself sorted out, but I'm now working at Merrill Lynch (now, don't get too excited) in a secretarial role - and much as it grates me at times, I have nothing to do. The good part is that they pay me (very well) to do nothing, which means that I am free to e-mail, surf the internet and plan my holidays. An ideal job then! In the beginning it was a bit hard, I must admit, but now I just find things to keep me busy and the job finances my lovely social life. One of my very good friends, Anthony, recently suggested that I spend my time learning a new language, which seems like a mighty good idea - so that's my latest intent, and we'll see how it goes. French, I think, especially seeing as Cedric, the analyst that sits about 150cm from me is from France and so I can practice on him!

Ugh, I've got the Men's Wimbledon final score live on my computer and right now it's pretty exciting. They're in the final set and so far it's been (oooh, adv. Ivanisevic!) 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 (aaah, got the game at least). Two sets each and two games each in the 5th - nail biting stuff! Yes, I chose to support Goran because he's by far the best looking one (is there any other way!?!). Well, that, and the fact that I have way too many Aussie friends that are never going to let up if Pat wins! OK, OK, I'll move on...

So, I've basically just been going out a whole lot...

OK, I'm back. Had to leave to go to the pub with Monique, it was just too awful having to watch the score on the computer. Goran Ivanisevic won the men's singles! Sooooo exciting. Sorry all you sad Aussies (incl. Monique!) out there, Pat lost! And I'm only being mean as a response to all those e-mails I perpetually get whenever OZ wins anything. Not as good as when SA beats you guys, but for the moment this will have to suffice!

I'm really enjoying London. I have so many friends here, and I've made so many on top of that that it's really turning out to be very good. It's kinda fun exploring the city and finding all those places that you never would as a tourist. Sue and I were walking up to the video store a couple of nights ago and went down a different road to explore a strange pink wall (which by the time we had got there had turned green), only to discover the coolest Cuban cigar bar with truly awesome cocktails. Mmmmm! I'm still looking for a good Margarita place, though.

I'm going to see a preview of Sweet November tonight, Mon won tickets, and as movies are so expensive here it's quite an occasion to get to go, esp Leister Sq, where evening tickets are £10+, and we get to go - Yiipppeeeeee! I'm still waiting for my first star spotting, a couple of my friends have seen some famous people, Jess saw Ralph Fiennes, and Kate saw Angelina Jolie at the Tomb Raider Premier as Justi's pad overlooks the theatre at Piccadilly. I'm sure my turn will come!

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