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Gloriously sunny this morning looking out the window of the campervan at the sunlight on the snowy mountains. We set off from Kaikoura at the usual time following the coastline still for about 30km which was very windey. We then crossed the mountains into the valleys which became a very challenging drive as the wind would catch you out randomly every couple of minutes and you had to stay on your guard for it. We arrived in Christchurch about lunchtime and headed for the campervan depot to exchange the Backpacker van for a much newer Maiu van. It is the same design but the seats are more comfortable and it is more mechanically sound than the one we had (I.E the brakes work and you can get it into reverse). The old van had done 300,000km this van has done 34,000km. After picking up the van we went to the campsite which was just down the road and got the bus into Christchurch city center. We had a look round the shops and went on a tram car round the city center. We got off at a market and Lucy bought a hand made necklace from a stall. We then had a walk round the art gallery and then got the bus back to the campsite to sort out the new van. Tomorrow we have a really long trip to Dunedin but we are there for 2 days as we plan to skip Invercargill.

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