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Turkey 2005

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A very long bus journey took us back to Istanbul where I deposited Elinor at the airport and picked up Kiril. This time we stayed at the Angels Home Hotel is a room replete with plaster angels, red velvet and kitsch. Saw plenty during the weekend including the mosques, bazaars, ferry to Asia (great fun this, to travel between Europe and Asia and back within the hour), lunch from a fishing boat and dinner and drinks in the ‘European’ quarter. On Saturday night we went to a hamam where we were soaped, pummelled and steamed until I at least was somewhat bruised and extremely rosy. The more time I spent in Istanbul, the more I liked it. Once you have got past the fact that most Turkish men think any woman on her own must be a loose one, and taken the crowds and general madness in your stride, there are many cities in one to discover in the different quarters, from Roman churches to Ottoman palaces and mosques to would-be-Parisienne bars. Bewildering, yet wonderful.

Locations Visited: Istanbul

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