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Hello, first we went to Hong Kong for about 5 days and although we didn't do too much we had a cool time. It was the chinese new year meaning a lot of things were closed (random museums/shops etc) but we still managed to do most of the standard touristy things (the peak(see rubbish photo we got!:-)), kowloon on the star ferry, shopping, a lot of wandering, a zoo etc). It meant we got to see the fireworks over Victoria Harbour which were really good though! Also a very cool thing about being in Hong Kong is that me and Row are actually the average height!!! maybe even taller:-).

We were a bit rubbish at the beginning as in the space of 4 hours we managed to fail to get off at the right bus station having to sit on it for another hour until we got back to the right stop, not find our hostel for ages, lock ourselves out of our bathroom, get ourselves locked into the hostel and fail to meet Kat at the right bus station after she arrived from her later flight. But it's ok all that stuff sorted itself out and we found her a few hours later...!

There are a shocking lack of bars in HK - that we found anyway.....but we did manage to find a few in in the soho region of central district so it was fine.
Anyway, won't write much - photos are more interesting!

Locations Visited: Causeway Bay

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