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Slow train to nowhere (it seems)

Slow train to nowhere (it seems) |

No real rush today. The train wasn't till 4:55pm so the longer we hung about the hostel the better. We eventually left at about 10ish to get some breakfast at 'Tim Hortons' diner before going back to get the now bulging rucksacks and make our way down to Union Train Station. We picked up the 29 bus on Broadway which dropped us a block from the train station. After checking in the big bags and leaving the hand luggage behind the counter we walked into town to try and kill about 3 hours before the train. We had the customary Starbucks (A double chocolate frapachino for Lucy and a bannana frapachino for me) and went to find a pharmacy because I had stupidly checked in my Ibuprofen. Made our way back to the station at about 3:30pm and sat in the 'departure lounge' until we were allowed on the train. Finding a seat on the train was a knightmare. We eventually we got a seat together with some leg room. The train left an hour late and picked up some steam to the heady heights of about 50mph (no wonder it takes 2 days to get to Vancouver).

Locations Visited: Vancouver

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