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Italy & Crete - Summer 2006

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Spent a lovely 2 weeks visiting members of my Family in both Rome and in the Far North of the country, slap bang in the middle of the Alps.

The first week was in Rome - the capital of Italy (everyone knows that though don't they...). It was great to see my family again, but it was somewhat daunting with loads of new arrivals running all over the place; it had been 5 years since our last visit. The weather was quite simply too hot - if we were at the beach where they may have been a breeze and some escape from the heat by jumping in the sea, then it would have been OK, but we were right in the centre of the city where the humidity is higher and the chance of a breeze is equal to that of the Pope coming out of St Peters Church smoking a spliff.

Nevertheless, it was great to catch up with the family again, it just never seems long enough to see everyone!
I managed to catch the quarter final of the World Cup there, which was also quite an experience - everyone going crazy driving around the city like loonies!

Our 2nd week was a lot more chilled out, as we trapsed up to the mountainous region of Northern Italy to Colico, where my father was born. Only one member of my family still lives up there so it was a lot more relaxed than in the capital. We spent a day in Milan which was nice, plus a couple of day trips up in the Valleys connecting Swtizerland to Italy; simply stunning. We also caught the semi-final and final of the World Cup here, and we were in the perfect place for it. Being half Italian and an Azzurri fan, I always get slated by my friends back at home for not supporting England, so it was nice to finally be in the majority for once! Both games were fantastic, and for the final it felt like the enitre village was in the town square to watch it - the party went on for a few days I can tell you! Even in the small mountainous town we were in, the atmosphere was electric. I can't imagine what it was like in the major cities......

All in all, a fantastic trip, visiting my lovely family, made better by Italy winning the World Cup!

Ciamponi Del Mondo! :D

Locations Visited: Brighton, Rome, Milano, Colico, Cevo, Brighton

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