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In Luang Prabang, I found a great place to just stop for a bit and rlax (this travelling can be hard work, you know!). Enough Wats and places of interest to keep you busy, without having to rush around to fit everything in, with more of the great bakeries and a wallet-denting night market, that I had to pass through every evening to go and get dinner (I rarely made it without stopping!).

No journey through Laos is complete without taking a slow boat on the Mekong, the lifeblood of the country; the local laundry-place, communal showers, hunting-ground for dinner, means of transport and play area, every part imaginable of life! The two day journey to the Thai border was peaceful and relaxing and introduced me to some people who persuaded me (without much opposition from me) to make a detour to my next stop - the Gibbon Experience.

Locations Visited: Luang Prabang

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