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Around Europe in 7.4 Months

Frankenfurter | of skyscrapers, the Central European Bank, Bratwurst, beer beer and more beer. it's a city with a lot to offer, from hip nightclubs (King Kamehameha on Landstrasse is not to be missed) to some of the finest modern and early art museums in Europe. And for the literary buffs, there's Goethehaus - where the famed Goethe was born and raised. I only had a day in Frankfurt so I was pacing up and down the night before wondering, what on earth should i do? Hit some museums? Drink some beer? Wander round and soak up the atmosphere? BINGO. I opted to just walk around the city, looking at the older parts of town and the historic Roemerberg (a square in the old town part of Frankfurt bordered by 14th and 15th century houses, the town hall and also a church). It was really great fun, despite the relentless rain (this was January 2006) because the old part of Frankfurt is quite beautiful and if you take the time to have an aimless wander, you're bound to find something that takes your interest. Frankfurt was heavily bombed during WWII and so this is why it's more modern than most other German cities - most of the old buildings were destroyed so the city planners had no choice but to start fresh with an entirely modern infrastructure. But wander deep into the heart of Frankfurt and you'll find the (mostly)unscathed Roemerberg, the foundations of a Roman building, botanical gardens and a variety of old, quirky little bits of Frankfurt that you only see by exploring - for example, old signs hanging in shop doorways, or a 16th-century brass knocker that someone still has on their door. But if you're into modern architecture, Frankfurt is right up there with Berlin in terms of avant-garde artistic ventures. Some of these buildings look like they're from outer space, but they achieve their purpose - they stick out like a sore thumb. Overall, Frankfurt is a great place for a day trip. it's relaxing to just wander round and take it easy - there are beer gardens and sausage-sellers everywhere, along with some quality restaurants for those of finer taste (and fatter wallets), so make a day of it and enjoy the blend of historic and ultra-modern that Frankfurt has to offer.

Locations Visited: Frankfurt am Main

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