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Done. The final episode of my journey has ground to a halt and like the movie Titanic it's demise has dragged a bit before disappearing into a black abyss of potential atlantic darkness.

Seen quite a bit on the east coast - New York, Boston, DC, Philapdelphia and Niagara Falls.

Was taking the Chinatown Bus between the cities. Really cheap way to get about. I decide the cons were starting to outweigh the pros when we were flying down the fast lane on the highway overtaking performance cars, and the driver was having arguements with the passengers "You want money back! You want money back! I gwive you money back! You get off now!!" I took the train from that point.

DC was impressive. Everything is free. Perhaps the government feel bad for robbing they're people outright so are giving a little back. It would seem that bed bugs are free as well. Two nights in a row I got up in the morning with itchy red lumps on me. Without trying to belittle pandemics, I looked like I was suffering from the bubonic plague and was definitely reaffirming my hobo niche. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something, but it wasn't til I got to Philadelphia and talked to an aussie guy when I realised the gravity of my bedmates. I guess there was some action in my bed after all. Sweet.

Philadelphia was the dark horse of the US. Nice city with some good bars, and I was able to run up the Museum of Art steps a'la Stallone in Rocky yelling "Adrian! Adrian!". the black fella who took a photo for me thought I was completely loopy. I think he was actually scared to try and nick my camera.

Niagara Falls are a pretty impressive spectacle, however they have turned it into a cheap and tacky amusement arcade. It felt like going to Rainbow's End, or Brighton Pier. Disgrace. And it's the Canadians to blame, not the americans!

Had a great time in New York as well. Went to the Comic Strip last night. Damn funny. I think I may have even pooped myself a little. Also discovered that a man named Carnegie is well respected and had a huge influence on the city. Hence Carnegie Hall. and it turns out Carnegie Mews is not just the noise Matt would make if he were a kitten (I guess quite a few people won't get that one).

The only down side to the States has been the attitude of the black women. The guys are fine, but if I ask a black women for something or go to the register, or whatever, I feel I'm one step away from her putting her hand on her hip and wagging her finger at me "Now I KNOW you didn't just ask me that white boy".

That's all. Looking forward to getting back to the UK tomorrow and getting some decent beer. I haven't drank (properly) in about a month.

Locations Visited: New York, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, New York

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