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The month of Spring … WOW …. and …. WOW again. Beauty everywhere – blue skies, sunshine, cool (and hot, very very hot berg winds), lime green spring greens and lovely showers leaving the earth crisp and fresh. What a month ! !

Coming out of the last few days of August that were a little cold and bleak we went straight into one of those apparently famous hot berg winds of this area. It is quite awesome to experience these winds; one cannot even open the windows as this hot wind sort of hits one right between the eyes. However, even though it is too hot to do much, except really take it easy (what else do we do?) there is as always a good side to the wind – bath towels, jerseys and the like dry so quickly on the line that one could probably do a whole month’s washing at once – sort of an outdoor tumble dryer.

The first weekend of the month brought us a surprise visit from Grant, who arrived on the Friday morning and spent the weekend enjoying a little R & R. We took him off to some of our favourite places (had to show off all over again of course!) and then had some good fun while he taught us to play Canasta. We were very fortunate as on our way to Mossel Bay we took a detour along the coast line and caught sight of several whales, including one mother with her calf splashing about quite close by. Very shortly Grant will be off to the UK for a change of scenery and a working holiday, and with a 4 year visa we are hoping he will return mid stream and catch up with us again.

In a further attempt to settle into this new life of ours, we have started an exercise group for ladies over 50 …. Yep … we have! This is really quite an informal dance style exercise to all the golden oldie music. We had 11 ladies join up the very first week, with numbers down a little now that it is holiday time. We are presently just doing this by pushing our furniture against the walls, and if the numbers grow we will then look into getting a hall in the new year.

We have also requested the new members list from the A.R.P & P at the beginning of each month and have been inviting people to tea on a Saturday arvy. So far we have met 6 or 7 couples and will keep this going until the end of November. Not too sure how this will actually pan out; the intention is to make new friends and open a place where people could meet and sort of pass on the friendship. It may not actually work, as several of the people are new to the A.R.P & P but not new to George, so they spend the time catching up on old events etc, and those that are new settlers come for the afternoon and that is kind of that.

Wading our way through lots of scrabble, crosswords and reading – one of us is working through the collection of lovely old Lloyd Douglas books on our own bookshelf – thank goodness they have the last few pages all intact. A strange comment perhaps? Well the one of us who is a remote control freak and does the recording of movies for watching in the quiet lazy times, seems to always miscalculate setting time and we haven’t seen the end of a movie in the last 6 months. Miscalculate? Not sure? perhaps it is the “Outeniqua Rust” setting in, something that seems to attack one down here. “O.R.” or just laid-back, lazy and happy seems to be our motto at the moment – waiting and watching for any opportunity to “make a difference” - guqula. In God’s time we are sure things will all pan out for us.

500km 2-day round trip – and WOW, WOW, WOW ! !

10.15 Tuesday 20 Sept saw us leaving George heading East towards Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and on to the Tsitsikamma Forest. Although the national road along this route is reported as being slow due to several roadwork stops, we were only stopped once for 15 minutes and the trip was otherwise very pleasant with the weather absolutely brilliant. Our first stop was in Plett, where we found the information bureau in a small modern shopping centre. A pit stop m

Locations Visited: Tsitsikamma

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