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Sydney Day1

G'Day |

Because our flight was in the afternoon we had a bit of time to kill at the hostel after we had booked out so Lucy watched telly and I read a book. The shuttle arrived to take us to the airport and we checked in at Quantas for our flight to Sydney. The was packed and it felt like it. Stupidly we had lunch at the airport not thinking that they would be serving food on the plane but we had some of it anyway. It was slightly warmer in Sydney than it was in New Zealand which was a welcome releif. When we cleared customs and immigration we got in a shuttle whos driver took us to the hostel without even asking us where we wanted to go (turns out he thought we were someone else who just happened to be going there). Our room was quite large but basic and is right on a busy road but its OK. After a quick shower we decided to take a walk down the opera house but we went the wrong way and could only see it from across the water. We could have cut through the botanic gardens but they were shut at night time. We headed back to the hostel and called it a night.

Locations Visited: Sydney

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