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Barcelona- Berlin Connection

Take-off |

'A new life begins', I tell myself when I cross the gate, leaving behind my waving dad. I fight back the tears in my eyes. Im brave now. 'This is my trip, my adventure.' My first time alone on a plane ever. I swim against the stream of insecurities, fears, worst-case scenario's, somewhere in the nearby distance I find myself, my head is very clear, I feel it. This is gonna be the beginning of something, of something anew. I wave a last time and swallow the giant egg that keeps me from breathing lightly. I feel power as well as fear. My hart is a little afraid. I comfort it with all the possible adventures ahead. Here I am, on my road, I humm along with my MP3 player. "Ara que encara tinc forca.. que no tinc l'anima morta.. i sent bullir la sang!" A Catalan troubadour supports my small steps into the huge corridor.

After entering the plane I take my seat. A Dutch couple tells me "Goedemorgen!" and the wife starts blabbing to me about Spain and how they always take their holidays but do not speak Spanish as a reaction to me asking for 'El Pais'. I ask myself how the Catalan say 'Buenos Dias'. I look around for someone who can tell. I turn around. A girl with shining bright eyes looks straight at me. I feel a spark and turn around again. Nice eyes.

Safety instructions, the airplane in reverse, "getting ready for take off" says the speaker, there's flute music on the background, lights go out, lights blink, the picture's perfect. Butterflies fly up in my stomach, go, Im pressed in my seat by the plane's accelerance. "The power of flight" says the engine to my right. The nose goes up,and whououou goes through my belly. We're off.

Hello future. The horizon is still greenerish darkblue, to a yellow orange red. The rainbow painted around the world. Just then the Sun glows mighty red, a giant ball of fire saluting my journey. Course south-south-west. Barcelona, yo vengo.

Locations Visited: Amsterdam, Barcelona

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