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The Happy Slappers |

So this was the first week of registration and I have managed to get totally confused and convinced not to register just in case the classes change. WHAT?? Isn't the basis of registering for classes that the schedules have been finalized. Well whatever. I'm just glad it's not FAMU where you have to pray that you are one of the first people to register or you probably won't get that class. I was told, and I quote "as long as the class falls within those selected for your programme you are guaranteed a spot". So I shan't worry.

I will finish registering next week when classes actually start. (You know that means I was here super-dooper early) I will sit-in on as many classes as my heart desires and select the ones that are most intriguing and that fit my schedule.

This evening I went to my faculty meeting, which during the International Student's Orientation we were told we should attend BEFORE registering. So clearly, they never expected us to register until next week. So I sat through a two-hour-plus meeting of introductions to the department's professors with overviews of each master's programme in the department, course requirements, class meeting times, etc. And this meeting began at 5pm. Yes, yes on a Friday. You know, I do love this school but these late Friday night meetings are not on the top of my list.

Afterwards I went with Tristan and Faiza to an Ethiopian restaurant called Addis. Faiza is an undergrad who is also a student ambassador. The student ambassadors have been helping all of the new students get acclimated to SOAS, pointing us in the right direction, giving tours, and answering random questions. Faiza is Somalian and is pursuing a degree in African Studies. She speaks Swahili and plans to work in Tanzania and Kenya after graduation.

The food was very good. This was my first time eating Ethiopian. My only complaint - it took way too long for the food to come. This is definitely the place to come eat when you've just eaten. It easily took an hour after ordering for just the appetizer to come. Conversation was really nice as well. We talked about everything under the sun.

Faiza also told us about the Happy Slappers which is why, she said, she cannot fall asleep on the train. So the Happy Slappers are a group of trouble-making teenagers who wait until they find someone asleep on the train. The group quietly walks over to the poor victim, SLAPS him/her and runs. It's really funny if you imagine it but I'm sure is extremely embarassing and upsetting to the Slappee. Sadly though, the Happy Slappers have also killed two people by beating them up. CRAAAAAAZZYYYY!

After eating we stopped at this bar called the Ruby Lounge until Faiza left. Tristan and I moved on to another bar that was playing straight Soca and Calypso. It was great until Tristan warned me that I was going to miss my train at 4 mins to 12. I didn't realize the trains stopped so early, which thankfully I had time to spare because ACTUALLY the last train passes there at 12:24. So I ran to the King's Cross station and hopped on the train.

Locations Visited: London

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