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Meeting Team HoT BiRdS! |

Caught a crazy taxi to Miraflores to join my tour group for the Inca Trail. My taxi driver was okay but he kept saying that he really wanted to come to Australia, but didn´t know anyone, etc. etc. I just smiled and nodded, pretending I didn´t understand. Finally, he asked for my phone number in Australia and I was like ´oooh of course!´ and gave him some completely bogus number.

Hehehe hooo ha haha hoo. Turned out the joke was on me cos the tour group had no idea that I was meant to be joining them, thought I was supposed to meet them in Cusco (which was all my fault cos that´s what I had said. I´m a twit) so there was certainly some confusion when I arrived at the joining hotel only to find that they´d never heard of me.

With muchos smiling, they offered me a room (at a heavily discounted price!!) which I happily accepted even though it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy out of my price range (and by waaaaaaaaaaayyy I mean SERIOUSLY waaaay!). Then wandered off into Lima (don´t worry Mum, I was in a very very safe area) to look for some food, tweezers and a ticket to fly from Lima to Cusco the next morning.

A very successful journey. I ate my much desired Hungry´s (though of course it was Burger King. Not as much of a disappointment as I was expecting). Bron, this next paragraph´s for you:

I had the most amazing, incredible, delicious, delectable, heavenly, luscious, titillating, saliva-inducing, good-feeling-provoking Whopper Junior meal. If you haven´t already jumped into your little white Laser to speed to Hungry´s, I shall continue... It was served on the funniest little plate ever, like a proper meal with all the fries scattered around the burger and served open, without the wrappers on. And no box for the fries. The fries were served with mayonnaise, and, I don´t mean to be a traitor bitch, but they were far better than Hungry Jack´s fries. I took a photo of the meal. It is saved on my camera and every time I go to review my photos, I hear my tummy having a little chat to me, trying to negotiate to spend $150 on a plane ticket to Lima for another meal.

Anyway, after that little orgasmic session, I walked leisurely down the street trying to avoid the hordes of tourists that chill in Miraflores. Ended up in a little telephone place to phone home. Asked the people there where the LanPeru office was so that I could buy my ticket and this guy in his 20s was like, ´yeah, no worries, I´m going that way so I´ll take you´. he ended up helping me buy the ticket, then helping me find some cheap tweezers and my hotel again.

Met up with most of my tour group that night. Seemed pretty nice.

I ordered room service (just to try to seem posh, though it was the cheapest thing I could find on the menu, but I ended up looking like a fool cos I had no idea how I was supposed to pay for it! Does it just go on your bill or do you pay when it is served to you? Turned out it goes on the bill but they didn´t charge me for it =) So hot right now.)

Sleep. In a comfy big bed. All to myself. Oh so damn good.

Locations Visited: Lima

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