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International Students Orientation |

So this is why I came early - The International Students' Orientation. Three days is early for me although registration starts on Monday and I think classes start on Wednesday (but I don't know for sure, I haven't seen anything in writing).

A fun-filled day of lectures on how to be a student in London. No clear information on how to register. Although we are clear that registration starts next week. Each class has a lecture, a tutorial and a seminar. Although you don't have to go to the seminar. And you can audit a class - which means sit in on a class that you're not enrolled in. But you only have to audit the lecture because the tutorial is really for student presentations. And waa-wa-waa-wa-waa-wa (Charlie Brown moment).

And then we had a talk with Officer Friendly, whose real name is Officer Percival. He was quite funny and entertaining. Another helpful jeopardy answer - What is Pepper Spray? This should be your response to the Question - This handheld device used to deter would-be criminals and attackers is illegal in the UK.

The most informative session was the Academic one, given by the school Director (Dean). My question is - What's the point of having a 100 point grading scale if in actuality the only grades given fall between 50 and 75. Apparently, it is not customary for UK professors to give grades higher than a 75 - and we were warned. So, please if I tell you I got a 65 congratulate me. A 75 is a C in the U.S., which for graudate level is a big-fat-juicy-F. This is definitely going to take a lot to get used to.

Afterwards, I met up with Grace's cousin Andrew and his wife. Nice to see that

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