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i arrived in Brussels to the most amazing weather there has been during my entire stay in Brussels. i took a taxi from Zaventem airport to my sight-unseen apartment. My roomate was not to arrive for another 6 days and some random person on the street (who turns out to live in the basement of the house) let me in.
i live in the attic of a four story house. The basement is a family from, i think, South America, though i don't see them too much. The main and second floors are taken by the family that owns the property--a countess-veterinarian, her landlord husband and their 5 year old son.
The third story is a man who works for the International Crisis Group and now his girlfriend, who just got back from some work she was doing with the UN.
My roomate is a french woman who does work with various lobby groups associated with the European Parliament and Union.

Brussels is a much smaller city than capitals like Paris or Rome or London (and Belgium is a smaller country), but that's probably best for someone from the praries. The main focus of the city, at least for me and many people i know, is food.

Belgium is famous for chocolate, beer, moules and frites and....lace. Also for having, i believe, the second highest population density in Europe. But for me, i have to say that it is mostly about patisseries, chocolates and variety!

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