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Eurotrip. Summer. 2005.

Venice, Italy |

Venice was a city that I had expectations for. It met every single one of them. This city is very true to it's stereotypes. If you visit Venice you can be excited to see lots of gondolas, sidewalk pizzerias, boardwalk cafés and masque stands! Venice was alot smaller than I had envisioned, but it really just added to how much I loved it. It's absolutely a maze! You will get lost. point blank. There is no way that you wouldn't. This is somewhere that I would recommend to any traveller.. however there is a massive shortage of cheap accomodation so you may have to splurge on a hotel. It was worth it.. you only have to stay about 2 nights to feel you've seen the city. Venice is gorgeous and absolutely like no where else I've ever been.

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Venice was just as advertised. Gondolas, taxi boats, pedestrian bridges and little shops along the side.. family owned pizzerias and white collar boardwalk dining. Best of all it didn't smell bad like people had told us. We couldn't get a hostel here so we stayed in a cheap hotel. It was literally a 3 minute walk form the train station & close to everything we needed. We felt spoiled by our room because of what we had become accustomed to. We walked around town for the first night & ate a sit down dinner on a boardwalk. We had pizza and water to keep it cheap. At first we ordered coke out of habbit then realized it was the most expensive drink on the menu at 5€ per can. Our waiters name was Bruno. He was really nice, he introduced us to his mom & we took pictures. We've spoken to him everyday since then. Yesterday was our first full day here. There aren't many huge attractions here, it is just the different living conditions that people want to see. We were waiting in line to book a ticket to Florence for today and some Canadian boys in front of us started up a conversation and we ended up spending the rest of the day with them. They took us on a waterway taxi... we snook on and didn't pay. we went to the piazza San Marco Square. It was something that we wouldnt' have seen had they not shown us. We got some photos and called it a night. We saw them off at their train this morning. They were going to Florence on an earlier train. They were from Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. We've checked out of our hotel and right now I'm sitting on the waters edge right near the train station awaiting our time to leave. Venice was a great experience. It was the first place we really made friends and didn't feel like we might get mugged.

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