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From Valparaiso, we made our way back to Santiago and was pleasantly surprised to see the Andes surrounding the city. On our last visit to the Capital, the smog was so bad we couldn't see a thing. We had a great evening meeting up with Mary and Brian from Antarctica and the following day explored the Fish Market with them. Wow, this market was fab. Full of character and surrounded by so many seafood restaurants. Plenty of sea urchins, sword fish, salmon, eels, octopus and shellfish available. You would never guess that we were visiting it on a Sunday morning!

For some exercise, we then climbed up to Cerro Santa Lucia which had a beautiful fortress and Palace in the park. So pretty.

On making our way back to the main square, we noticed all these children, teenagers and nuns making designs on the ground with flowers, leaves and different coloured sand. It was for the Corpus Christi parade! You would not believe all the young people involved getting everything ready for the procession! We just had to stick around and watch this wonderful spectacle.

On our last day in South America, we decided to finish in style and visit the famous Chilean Bodega Concha y Toro to sample no doubt the Casillero del Diablo (translates to the Devils cellar). Wow, so impressive! They even have helicoptors to fly over the vines if there is a strong frost so that the air is broken up and doesn't damage the grapes. An excellent tour, nevermind a great wine tasting session. We even got a chance to see the devils cellar..... In a very happy mood we embarked our plane and said goodbye to South America. What a great 4 months.

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Just reading about your trip for inspiration. Sounds like you had a blast and have definately given me some ideas for where to go, thanks!
Posted by: Alana and Ben O P on 06 Sep 2006

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