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Barcelona- Berlin Connection

First person ya meet.. |

I arrive. I can't even ask about the train in German yet, even though it's similar to my native tongue. I understand it, I just don't speak it. Not yet that is. So half German half English I ask about boarding the trains and eventually find my way to the train that goes to Warschauerstrasse. A lot of different people colour the streets and trains of Berlin. You see a guy in suit with a labtop sitting next to a totally drunken punky. And maybe that's one of the cities great things. No matter how you look, how posh or how broken your clothes and soul are, you can be yourself here.

When I walked down the street of the hostel and see the big steal sun on the outside of the building I'm releaved. I've found my to-be home for in the least the next couple of days. It seems nice, warm.

I open the door. A small guy with blond beard sits across the room and speaks... Spanish. I'm so glad to hear spanish, since that's a languange I do speak.. I check in, make up the bed with the given sheets and crash.

I'm waked when the same guy, the beard one, comes in. He works there and is cleaning out the rooms. 'Hola. Que tal?' 'De donde eres?' Barcelona, he says. Yo! Ara que encara tinc forca! Hey, I exchange a phew words in Catalan I speak and as ever, the Catalan people are so charmed if you speak Catalan, if only a little. He inmediately opens up. I ask how long he has stayed here, if he can help me out with finding rooms and bikes and stuff. So fast, speaking athe same language got me a buddy, a Catalan one! Kinda funny that the first guy I meet in Berlin is from Barcelona. Only later I found out that the city creeps filled with Spanish people. And among them quite some Catalans.

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