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We were't quite expecting San Francisco to be as cold as it was...!! I had to buy another jumper!! We went to Alcatraz - which was actually really interesting!, on a wine tour, and to the shops in SF. Once we got to L.A. (8 hours south by bus) we stayed on Venis beach which is a little tacky...! we went to the Getty centre (v cool art museum among other things), to Santa Monica and to sit in the audience of David Spade's Showbiz Show which was mostly quite funny....we were made to laugh all the way through though and a fair bit of it wasn't funny so that was quite an effort!! we (collectively as an audience) also laughed at the wrong bits apparently...oh well!
anyway, we flew back almost a week early after having realised we'd gone marginally overbudget!

Locations Visited: San Francisco, Los Angeles

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