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Arriving in Ecuador! The city of luurrrve.... |

I spent around about 35 hours in transit. This was a looooooooong time. But worth it cos Quito is hot with a capital you-know-what!!!

I sat next to a booty-licious Brazilian on the way from Auckland to Sanitago, Chile. Then a friendly Ecuadorian girl from Santiago to Quito, Ecuador. She was lovely.

I watched only Lil Red Riding Hood (can´t remember what the movie´s called). (I told you before you asked, Lachery). It was a very good movie – I enjoyed it thoroughly you naughty lil rabbit.

I fell asleep and wouldn´t wake even when dinner was being offered.

I caught a taxi with a random Canadian who was very much an American from Quito airport to the Secret Garden, my hostel. His name was Brendon but I preferred Brandon as he bore a striking resemblance to Brandon from 90210.

I arrived and met none other than Kristiano, now AKA ´Leather Face´.

Myself, Leather Face and Brandon went and retrieved some tasty food to fill the un-tasty holes in our bellies in a little café where music was played and ambiance was served along with the toasted sandwiches.

My bed was calling my name at around 12ish. I heard it.

Locations Visited: Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Santiago, Quito

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