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Wow! Ok, I wrote an entire journal entry about 3 days ago but the damn thing got deleted! So I am starting over and hopefully I will remember everything I wanted to say.

My first week in Prague was definitely an experience. I flew in last Saturday and after 15 hours of travel still found time to enjoy a good dinner and a club until 2am. I know, I know, but it was my first night in Prague and I was ansy! It has been a whirlwind week and a half. School is pretty intensive but it’s right up my alley so I am doing very similar work to what I would normally be doing. I feel bad for the business and science majors in my program because it is vastly different than what they’ve experienced. We are learning a lot about Czech history and how a post-communist society operates. It interestingly gives me a better understanding of the capitalist society in which I reside. . I also started Czech language classes last Thursday but I do not expect to learn too much, I know how to say “Dobry Den” which means “Good Day” in Cczech…… I use that phrase quite often, but that’s pretty much the extent of my capabilities.

My roommates are great girls, vastly different than myself but we meet in the middle so it works the majority of the time. The problem mostly resides in our age difference, I am ready to start a family and get married and they are still focused on their sororities. It’s sometimes a challenge but it all works out in the end. The Czech people are an interesting group. Customer service is not something they are aware of and I constantly get the feeling that it’s an “every man for himself” type of culture. I’ve had a few experiences that practically brought me to tears and I have to keep reminding myself that I grew up in a vastly different society than them. I don’t think that it’s my place or right to judge them on their personalities or their actions because I have not experienced the troubles that most of them have. We are learning a lot about post-communism societies and I am grateful that I am living in one and am able to create my education through direct experience. My tears and my struggles will inevitably pay off and I have to keep that in mind.

The things that I have learned thus far on my trip include: German stewardesses are MEAN, there are barely any overweight people in Prague (not surprising because everyone walks), the Prague transportation system ROCKS (why is Seattle so far behind????), the Prague citizens that actually drive are amazing! I am still trying to figure out how they avoid hitting pedestrians. I actually did see one women get hit but not very hard  She said a few curse words and was on her way. One of the most random things I have learned is that everyone in Prague has a dog and none of them use leashes! It is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, they can be in a HUGE crowd of people and the dog still knows which direction their owner is. I have never seen such well behaved animals in my life (what am I doing wrong???).

Overall my experience thus far has been amazing. The architecture is so cool and everything is so old and historical. I am not all too fond of my shower considering it’s about the size of me and does not like hot water so I’ve had to accept the fact that luke warm will be my temperature of choice for the next two months. I am going to Poland all week next week and I am really looking forward to that. I will do my best to keep you guys up to date but it’s tough getting to the restaurant to use my internet.

Until next time my loves…..

Locations Visited: Prague

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