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Anzac day started on the 24th of April as we headed from Istanbul with our tour to Anzac cove. We arrived at about 5:30pm. We were greeted with a showbag full of information on Anzac aswell as a program for the night and lots of other goodies. We got there early so there were probably only about another 500 people there.
I was amazed with what i saw. I expected there to be some grass and lots of people sitting in their sleeping bags waiting for the dawn service to come...I was wrong.
There were 2 HUGE tv screens set high in the air so everyone could see them and heaps of food stalls, clothes stalls and portable toilets. We sat down with out tour and went for a walk to some of the merorials. The sun was out and it was a gorgeous place to watch the sunset. Every hour from 8pm until 5:30am there were movies, stories, readings (heaps of history from Anzac) shown on the big screens ect. John Howard recorded an interview for us and Andrew Denton was actually at the Cove doing alot of the Presenting.
It was a very long and cold night but i refused to fall asleep because i didnt want to miss anything. It was fantastic everyone took it very serisouly and there was no alcohol permitted.
When the sun started to rise the Army band started the trumpets and everyone stood up. There were many speeches and songs and everyone stood in pure silence.
We had 2 minutes silence for all of those who were lost and later went on to play the Turkish, New Zeland and last of all Australian anthem. Aussies being Aussies we were all the loudest and the most dominant there. It was a very moving and sad ceremony but i was so glad i could be a part of it. After the main ceremony was over all the Australians and Kiwi's split and we went up to Lone Pine where just the Australian service took place.
It was a very very long 24hours but so worth it... I was so proud to be Austalian and to watch how everyone came together.
If any of you ever get the chance to it coz it was a memeory i'll never forget.

Locations Visited: Gallipoli

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