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Woken by the sweet gentle sound of ... a friggin marching band. And the last supper =( |

Tired poor little Angie Pangie needed some sleep. But the army across the road was so kind as to arouse me (I think the word is actually ´rouse´ but ´arouse´ is much hotter.) at about 7 in the morning with trumpets and drums. Marching band practice at 7 in the morning. I bet the neighbourhood loves them.

I went and had breakfast and then went back to sleep. Until 4.30pm. Not kidding. A productive day indeedy.

Then the last supper =( Massive sad times (I´ve been with Nicky again. It shows in my lexicon.). But also hugely funny times. Poor Candypants had been sick all day (we were dropping like flies!!) and said that she felt like she´d had a baby. Ew.

Juan made us fill out some forms just so that he´d look good in front of administration. I wrote that Juan was a hero/champ/HOTTT so I hope he gets a raise. Micky Red decided that it wasn´t good enough that Gecko´s wasn´t picking up the tab for our last supper so toyed with the idea of creating his own column to tick. He wanted ´Excellent´, ´Good´, ´Average´, ´Poor´, and then ´Shit bitch´ for the very bad. Bootylicious.

Last night in paid-for accommodation. ´Paid-for´ is synonymous with ´a hell of a lot nicer than some of the shitholes I´ve stayed in.´ Though I certainly have to admit that the nice places are about 7 times the price of the dumps but I most certainly do not think that they are 7 times nicer. The cheap places have more character. At least that´s what I tell myself when I´m sleeping in dirty shirts and having cold showers with no water pressure. Mmmm diseases.

Locations Visited: Cusco

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