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Eurotrip. Summer. 2005.

Pompei, Italy |

Making a day trip to Pompeii while in Italy was something I had in mind before I even started my trip. I had learned alot about the city on tv and at school over the years and was really facinated to see it all in person.

My sister and I took the train from Rome to Naples and from there it was just a short trip a bit further south. The train ride is all along side the water and it's a great view all around! The ruins of Pompeii were not everything that I had expected. First of all I was under the impression that the bodies which were preserved in volcanic ash were on display at the site of the ruins, but they're not! They're in a Museum in Naples, miles away. Maybe I should have researched that before the trip!

Regardless, I was initially taken back by the size of growing fruit trees. The volcanic soil is very fertile and they have lemon trees all over pompeii, and the lemons are twice the size of grapefruits! When we got to the ruins site, we lucked out and it was free admission that week! My sister and I both got those speaker phones which are meant to tell you all about what you're seeing, but we didn't get much use from them because they were a bit complicated and you never really know where you are to punch it in the phone for commentary!

The ruin site was what I had expected to an extent. The only thing that caught me off guard was the fact that there were no washrooms, fountains or anything throughout the massive area. It takes hours to walk through dusty old Pompeii and there is no where to take a break. They also have no garbages so there is junk from school groups going through.

I was surprised that they actually allow you to enter some of the old buildings with full liberty to touch the walls and walk on the old floors. They're trying to preserve wall paintings so that was nice.

Overall, I was happy that I went and saw what it was all about. Pompeii is for people who can walk extensively and endure alot of sun. We also had some difficulties getting back to Rome because the people at the train station didn't speak any English or French and we transfered incorrectly. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I had a good time.

Locations Visited: Pompei, Naples

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