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Sept 24th
I had been in Croatia two weeks when I meet Calan and Haim who have taken an interesting route to Split via Italy.. ha ha. Off to the Airport to meet Bruce and our crew which all worked out fine. From there it was onto Kremik where we assembled the Cats and had our boat meetings , plotted routes etc etc .. At about 3pm we set sail and head for a place called Skradin which is near Krka National Park .. That night myself and Calan have a good run towards the Park followed by a very chilled out meal .. Babic ! we got a bit nailed that night being charged effectively 75 quid for 3 bottles of wine .. moving on ..

September 25
Moored tonight at Bisevo across the bay from VIS. Dinner , Thai green Curry , nice one Mandy - meal of the tour so far.

September 26
Today we made our way to the Blue Caves which between the hours of 11 and 1 let natrual light into the sea cave - amazing. Sea very calm today so as we sailed we tried a bit of deck jumping (see pics. After this we headed towards Korcula. Calan and myslef headed off for a bit of a run while the others had a couple of sundowners in this old fort on the wall. We all met up for dinner ... Black Risotto & "Queen of the Sea"..

Sept 27
This morning was spent winding around the sreets of Korcula with Calan and Haim. After a GREAT ice coffee at Fresh we checked some mails had a walk around and then went back to boat and waited for Bruce who was busy on shore.. Ended up in BRNA this evening and ended up looting the other boot dry ..iterally, good skills Calan/Haim !!

Sept 28
Woke up to find the other boat hadn`t even noticed there towels, cooler box, winches and alcohol were missing - next year - the steeering wheel !Made our way to Hvar today. Ships joined forces while Bruce and Niks went back to Kremik to register the new boat. We had a look around , had some lunch and then joined forces with the Welsh Ninja wizard as well as Mandy and climbed up to the fort.. great views , even if it was the second time I have been up :)Took Calan on my favourite Hvar run, great climb!Had dinner tonight at Marineros (local knowledge!!) and then went across to Carpe Diem where Haim worked his magic with the ladies , Calan dominated a few long island ice teas and I went massive on strawberry juice :)

Sept 29
After a slow start this morning, we went about business as usual. Coffee on shore, bit of looking around and then off by midday... Had some rough seas this arvie , I was feeling a bit green to say the least. Ended up in Milna for the night. Beauitfull little Marina, dinner tonight at Restaurant Fontana.. even had some entertainment - local mad man pulling wheelspins in the parking lot .. dodgy!

Sept 30
Woke and went for a bit of a run ..Bruce pulled out .. local knowledge is always usefull.. lets just say we did some good hill this morning .. due to the massive storm overnight we have no towels .. neither does the town it seems.. (thanks Ang!)Set sail today , I think I felt sick alomst from the word go ..ha ha .. huge wind (32 Knots) and it was all hands on deck .. pretty rough stuff. Eventually the sails were taken down and we headed for Trogir .. nice work Bruce , Haim - I was on the anti sick drugs again.. Trogir was another charming costal town, really nice old town with great little strets and plenty of good restaurants. Had lunch at a really good Pizzeria that George knew from previous trips, excellent food! After that it was back to the boat and off in the directiion of Kremik..Sick drugs had bad effect on me and I was asleep pretty soon .. watched our last sunset , went back to sleep and then arrived in Kremik. Fines Meeting!!

October 1st
The effects of the fines meeting are pretty clear .. some strugling more than others.. After cleaning the boat and saying our farewells Bruce drove Calan , Haim and myself back to Split Harbour to catch the Dubrovnik Bus (thanks Bruce!).. an awesome week, I`ll defintely be back for this one!

Locations Visited: Split, Trogir

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