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India 2006

...a long day... |

(Today's installment of the travel journal edited by the Indian)
Tuesday : Apparently it is the day named after the nordic god Tyr ( Nothing like starting a post with some useless trivia.

Tuesday dawned bright and early and we woke up rather late but content :-) after some serious sleep. Had good breakfast and headed out to visit my grandmother who lives a decent drive out of the city. It was fun to watch my grandmother try to remember her English from ages past to communicate with Kim ;-) I played the translator for a short while and we were done. Kim is doing an AMAZING job by the way of coping with all the complexities of the organism known as the Indian family ;-).

Oh more importantly, India beat England in the first one day international in great fashion inspite of an uninspiring batting display. This is good stuff! that I am talking about ;-)

We then went to visit one of the more well known malls in the city. It was interesting but the love of this city's residents for tight spaces and recirculating all kinds of air, even the stale kind :-) got the better of us and we beat an hasty retreat.

On a fun cultural note: while we were visiting my grandmother, she was worried about the "evil eye" striking us. It is a tradition in South India and apparently since everybody who has met Kim so far thinks she is beautiful the family is doubly concerned about preemptively warding of the evil eye before it hits her. So my grandma was doing some praying and my aunt wanted to make sure that Kim was not upset by these beliefs. So she asks Kim "are you hurt by this".. apparently Kim heard it as "have you heard of this" so she goes, "umm yeah a little" and my aunt is taken aback :-). I then ask Kim "err babe what did you think they asked you.. she goes 'have you heard of this'.. i look at my aunt then to confirm .. do some translation and solve this so we do not leave cultural confusion behind"

Now makes sure you remember to eat your fruits and drink plenty of liquids and stay healthy. Good day!

Locations Visited: Chennai

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