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Migration and Diaspora Studies (SOAS) 2006-07

Week 2 COMPLETED - Hare Krishna |

I decided against running for the Post-Graduate officer of the Student Union. I tried my best to get into a reading-rhythm this week. Let's just say, I did better than last week but still have some organizing to get to.

Classes this week were great. The reading I did get done helped a lot. I've also come to terms with not being able to read everything on the reading list. I am definitely going to read the primary readings and attempt one or two of the others.

The most exciting moment for me actually happened about 2:30 this morning. I was in the middle of one reading assignment for my Friday class, and it hit idea for my thesis statement. Well I knew, coming into school that I wanted to use what I learned about how migrating people adapted to new cultures and incoporate that into the school environment. But I really think I got a good idea of what specifically, I'm going to write about. But...I can't talk it about it yet. I will officially release that info at a later date.

Hot Topic For the Week:

Jack Straw, some British government official, made a comment that he doesn't feel comfortable with Muslims covering themselves up. And you know this was the topic of discussion at school all week. In a school, of african and asian studies, with several muslim students, almost every class touched on this topic once or twice. We also talked a lot about women's rights in the muslim community. Debates got heated. People walked out of the room. And I, watched the discussion, like a spectator at Wimbledon.

Take a look at this week's pictures. Including the picture of the Hare Krishna's cart where you can get a free lunch everyday at 1pm. Last week's menu was white rice and curried potatoes. This week was white rice and curried garbanzos. The most surprising thing is when you say Thank You, they say 'Hare Krishna'. Also, there's a couple photos of me in the Student Union. (And if you look over my right shoulder, you'll see one of the school's local 'pharmacy' majors. Even though SOAS specializes in the Arts and Humanities.)

Locations Visited: London

This is GREAT!! Thanks for sending to me!! I really enjoyed reading.. Good luck in school, sounds like you're having the time of our life!!
Posted by: Ayana Roberts on 15 Oct 2006

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