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Eastern Europe 2005

Prague |

Dear all,

Okay, I'm here in Prague its dark but its all good. Flight got in after 21:15, only a two hour journey from gatwick but we;re one hour ahead over hear. Twas fun and games getting to the hostel. First off had to get the bus to the metro terminal, smallest note i had was 2000 cost of bus journey - 25 - doh. Either way managed to get to the metro ok and off at what we thought was thr ight stop, By which time its around 11pm and we dont know wherrewe are and its pretty dead and dark. No worries.

We fannied about a bit not sure in which direction to walk but then got directions from a rather attractive receptionit at a near by hostel. As it happened we had to walk along what we'd probably consider an overpass - fun fun. We made a few dodgy directional mistakes, more of the fact that the rest of prague is misplaced rather than me and Claudio. Started to wwalk a long a rather dark dodgy looking road which to our delight proved fruitful with Hostel Elf. Checked in at 11:30pm dumped our stuff, I made my bed - cladio didnt - ooooh rebel. And have pretty much sat aound with 4 beers between us 1.76 punds [bargain] writing our diaries and chilling out since. Pretty nackered last night after some poker debauchery and should probably retire.

Until the next 'blog'.


PS Claudio is a cock

2nd August

First proper day in Prague and what did it have in store? Well... lots of walking for a start. Enjoyed my free breakfast this morning after having a shower I could probably slash faster than, a couple of cups of coffee and we were away.

Caught the 207 into the main square and have pretty much spent the whole day wandering around the old town, new town and jewish quarter. The architecture [spell] in Prague is pretty amazing, its so much more beautiful and older than anything we have in the UK. All the buildings are 5 or more storeys high, are brightly coloured and ornate. Prague is suprisingly peaceful and quiet. I expected hoardes of tourists and pissed up Brits but to be fair there are very few -obviously it being a tuesday I'm not here for the stag/hen party weekend madness.

It got quite warm today, the sun managed to burn away the clouds a little and it was pleasant walking along the river and enjoying the sites. Felt a little dicky today, almost as if I am constantly travel sick - slightly dizzy and nauscious [spell?]. Nevertheless a slice of pizza, a glss of water [which cost twice as much as the pizza] and a nurofen and I was back on track. Its quite interesting in that Prague is similar to places like Thailand in respect that your drink in some places of town can cost as much as your meal. Beer right in the centre can be as much as 36Kc for a half litre which is about 85p but only a little further out off the beaten track it can be half the price. Not that this is going to turn into a month long booze up or owt.

I feel I must comment on the Eastern European totty, because after all these claims by friends who have been to this part of the world about how amazing the local talent is I have found them to be completely and utterly true. Not really much more to say on that one other than that the hot weather helps.

Me and claudio are back at the hostel now after a long days walking around Prague and trying to figure out the public transport system. Its all pretty peaceful at the moment at hostel elf, there are only a few of us in our dorm now, the leather sofas are pretty vacant and the beer fridge has been restocked [although still broken]. Plans for the evening will include a little nap, maybe a shower [may depend on how patient i'm feeling], some goulash at a local eatery washed down with one or two pints of cold Budwar and then this evening we have been invited to come to an outing organised by a guy who approached us last night, which will include live african music some bars and a couple of clubs [inc. one on a boat]. However the price is five pounds and it only includes entrance to places and not drinks, although drinks wont be expensive, I could get quite a few for five whole english pounds stirling! We'll see.

My blistered feet and bed are calling me

Andy Pandy

Locations Visited: Prague

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