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Arrival in Oz |

Well, here we are in sunny, sunny Sydney. The 21 hours on the plane was pretty hellish, but that was at least partly our own fault - we did our best to stick to Sydney time on the way and managed to defeat the jet lag before we even arrived. This meant little sleep on the plane, but did mean that we slept like logs when we arrived here last night, and awoke this morning feeling refreshed and happy! :) Before going to bed we managed a walk down to the water front and a dinner of traditional fried fish and chips - not nearly as good as Jacks, obviously, but the fish was fresh and it was very tastey....

It's now midday, and so far we've had a gentle saunter 'round Darling harbour, where our hotel is, had a lovely breakfast by the waterside, done a bit of shopping, and taken a short trip on the monorail. We're now in an internet cafe on, where Jon is downloading work to do (grrrrrr). I foolishly forgot to move the photos we've taken so far onto my pen drive before we left the hotel, so I'll have to post them some other time.

This afternoon will hopefully consist of a bit more shopping (at a market on Oxford street), a saunter through Hyde Park (yes, really - they have nicked all our place names! It's rather confusing), a cruise around the harbour, a trip to the top of the AMP tower to see the view of the city, and who knows what else. We're taking things pretty gently, but there is a lot to see.

Tomorrow we're off to the Blue Mountains, where apparently it can be a little colder than it is here, so I'm off to buy something warm to wear!

Locations Visited: London, Sydney

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