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Back in the UK

Back in the UK - and I'm freezingg!! |

Hey Y'all

I'm finally back in the UK! Flew back just before midday yesterday (though it was midnight for my body clock) and now I'm absolutely frozen!! Seriously, anything below 24degs seems chilly to me now - its a tough life!

Plane journey was tres fun due to lots of films (finally got to see Tsotsi)and yummy food. Though Chris and I sat next to each other on both flights and were like Granma and Grampa with our numerous cups of tea and comments on how 'lovely' everything was. Its amazing how much more appriciative of everything we've all become.

Keira, Chris and I changed in to our traditional wear to come through arrivals. (See pic). The looks on people's faces were hilarious! Mother Obst then ran down the aisle to meet me as soon as she saw me...and we are talking running with arms open and tears in her eyes! So not only did I have to push a big trolley past everyone whilst wearing a bula dress, but I also had to drag a small crying woman who'd attached herself to me....I didn't stand out at all!!

Doesn't feel too surreal to be back...although I've forgotten how to work a lot of electrical equipment and am a bit retarded with the comp at the mo. I was sooooooo happy when I was reunited with all my clothes!! Am almost scared by how much choice I have now. Am also joyous that I don't have to de-sand my bed each nigh now!

Can not beleive the expedition is actually over. In one respect I'm absolutely gutted as I've had the ultimate time of my life and can't beleive I'm not on the Island anymore, but on the other hand I feel ridiculously happy and lucky to have had such a precious experience. If any of you have the slightest inckling (is that a real word?) to do something similar then I would urge you with all my heart to go and do it!This whole experience has changed me physically, mentally and practically for the better.

I've posted a few photos on most of the journals so that you can understand how beautiful our Island and the village was. Am sure I'll bore most of you very soon with the 1000's of other photos I have when I see you very soon!!

So this is Moce from all stories Fiji related!

Can't wait to see you all soon.

Lots of Love
Non-Fiji and Non-Scuba Bex

ps - I miss all my expedition buddies sooooooooooo much. If any of you are reading this - "I see de Booooat"!!!!!!

Locations Visited: London

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