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Wedding & the North East

And.... relax! |

The day after the wedding we had to get everything out of the Priory and our rooms by 11am, which was quite a big job. Rather bizarrely we discovered that we knew the people getting married in the Priory (and staying at Redcoats) the next day. Spooky coincidence!

The morning's frantic packing done, we had an informal Buffet lunch for our guests at Redcoats, which was very enjoyable, although the hotel ended up nearly drowning in all the flowers that we'd bought back from the Priory. Luckily we found homes for most of them with people as they left - it would have been a terrible shame to let them go to waste, as they were beautiful.

The wedding over, Jon and I headed home, for a much needed rest! Saturday night was the first good night's sleep I'd had in ages....

Locations Visited: Stevenage, Nottingham

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