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Climate Change Conference in Colorado

Getting Our Hands Dirty |

The conference itself actually turned out to be a lot of fun. It wasn't one of those sit for hours on end listening to droning lectures kind of conferences. We got to do the acutal lessons and activities that we could use to teach our students about climate change.
As you can tell from the photos we did a bunch of labs, made our own airplane manufacturing company, and played some games.
As well, we were taken on a tour of the surrounding area to see some of the beautiful scenery and to see some evidence of climate change first hand. As a result of climate change pine beetles are thriving in the area and are quickly destroying acres upon acres of trees. So take a look at the photos of the beautiful scenery and know that if something isn't done about the situation immediately the mountains will be nothing but barren rock in the very near future.
After our tour of Sapphire Pointe (where we inadvertantly crashed a wedding party... wow what a spectacular place to have a wedding!) we went to the neighboring town of Breckenridge for a little free time. Once upon a time it used to be a gold mining town, hence the photo of the boat that used to drag the river.

Locations Visited: Breckenridge

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