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I'll be Hoover Damned!

Bit of a balls up |

We had organised the Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam tour over the phone and we were told what time to be outside the hostel. The shuttle driver picked us up and 4:55am as expected and took us to a small airport that does the air tours of the Grand Canyon. The flight was slightly delayed and we took off half an hour late at 6:30 and headed out to the canyon. We landed at a tiny runway to drop off some canyon rafters narrowly missing a cow on the runway. Eventually we reached the canyon and got some really impressive views and photos. We landed back at the airfield at around 9am not really sure what we were supposed to do next as no-one had any information for us. We told a bus driver where we were going and he told us to get on a particular bus headed for the Alladin Hotel where we would be picked up. We got to the car park of the hotel at 10:50am and the driver said 'wait there, the coach will pick you up'. So we waited for 10 minutes and Lucy saw a coach coming with 'Hoover Dam' in the window so we got up and stood by the side of the road. The coach sped past us not even looking so we assumed that it was another tour company and sat back down for another 45 minutes before giving up and heading back to the hotel to complain. It turns out that we should have gone to the porter outside the hotel to get our bus but the company had not emailed Lucy the instructions and the bus drivers are not responsible for telling us what to do. So it turns out that we were suppossed to be on the bus that went passed us and they 'may' refund us for that part of the tour. We later went out into the strip again and had something to eat. On the way back the que for the bus was massive and the busses are normally packed at that time of night so I had an idea that if we got on the bus on the other side of the road it would be empty and the bus would turn round at the bottom of the strip and we would be going in the right direction with a seat. 2 hours later we were back at the bus stop we started at and we could see empty buses going up the other side of the road. We got back at 12:15am. Doh! All in all not one of our better days.

Locations Visited: Las Vegas

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