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Birthday weekend in Paris, Versailles and Normandy

My Palace! |

If there's somewhere I rightfully deserved to have been borne, it must surely be the Palace of Versailles.

The palace itself, as always with royals, is completely over the top and a little too strong on the whole red and gold theme, yet does dominate in its ability to accommodate large crowds for debaucherous parties. What is truly fantastic, however, is the gardens. With a training pool the size of a lake, the entire royal family must have been in top shape, something the british could learn a little from with London in desperate need of olympic sized pools (yea I know it's not a pool, but it damn well should be, it's awesome).

Lunch involved devouring a crab so large it must have been around when the monarchy was still in favour (photos will attest to its enormity) and then it was off to Normandy for birthday madness and tractor races.

Locations Visited: Versailles

That was some crab! are you certain that it was not from where the Russian did some nuclear testing years ago? as all the crabs there are like that and that would be considered a small one!
Posted by: Winston Allamby on 24 Mar 2006

It certainly was the largest crab I'd ever seen although wasn't the best I've eaten. You never know with the French! Could easily be the result of after effects of some sort.
Posted by: Owner on 25 Mar 2006

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