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Last day in Pucon... |

Howdy Doody!!

Right so what have we been up to since cycling... the day after we chilled out for most of the day woke up late and spent most of our time relaxing on the beach. Figured we needed it after all of the activities we have been up to. Was really nice and obviously any opporunity to make my tan darker is great hehe:)Not much that day really...

Yesterday however, we went hydrospeeding! Very fun!! Think I mentioned it earlier.. in case I didn't basically we used flippers and a buggy board shaped like the front part of a boats hull to go down the dame rapids that we did during our rafting experience the other day! Very exciting and definitely a completely different experience being fully immersed in the water.

Was really great for the most part except at one point we were meant to be going left down one set of really vicious rapids but I lost my board and with my contacts half out of my eyes cause of the water I kind of lost control and ended up being dragged down the right side of the rapids desparately trying to get abck onto my buggy board! Not so fun I can tell you hehe:) was really scared actually as it felt like ages before I properly resurfaced at the end of the rapids and had a guide help me onto his board argh!! Lots of coughing and splutering and a burp here or there too hehe embarassing for me!:) The guide kept saying 'solo agua' i.e its just water.. I was like yea but I've just drunk abotu 2 litres of it in one go hehe. No wasnt really that bad. Good experience overall when I had control as it was good exercise but was also really relaxing being taken down the river by the current and with all the gorgeous scenery aroung. Was funny when we were finishing as we had to take the left at a fork to get to the ending place. Tom accidentally veered off to the right hehe and ended up having his own extra bit of rapids hehe:)

Forgot to mention we only did it with two other people hehe called Carlo and Ballet (I think). Thought it was just gonna be us two at one point! As when we got on the bus the person with the register said something in spanish which sounded like oh yes you are the only two down for hydrospeed hehe. Was an experience trying to get our suits on and off as well hehe. Well for me anyways with my chunkay legs:)Couldn't get the crotch area up properly cause of my legs and when I tried I totally ripped bits of the wetsuit argh!! Getting it off was just as embarrassing as the guide Horacio had me sit down on this raise platform and pulled it off me hehe literaly:) Was even more embarrassed as he seemed to look at me funny in such a way as I thought he must have been thinking 'wow she's really big' or 'wow she's mega white' heheh:) funny tho:)

After all that excitement we went back to the hostel for a bit of a rest then headed out for a nice meal once again at this place called club77:) We've already been there about 4 times hehe for dinner and lunch. The lights actually went out at one point that was interesting hehe. Was worried my food would come out weird as the cookers would have been turned off hehe (if they werent using gas obviously).

Now onto today! Not much again hehe:) we were supposed to go to the Parque Nacional Huequerhue but we decided we wanted to go kayaking more. So we headed out a bit early than usual (like 11am hehe) to the beach. Got a kayak for two which I think was a bad idea cause Tom kept complaining about my kayaking skills... :) I was sat at the front and he was basically complaining we were in sync.. never mind anyways was really relaxing. Went quite far actually was really fun rowing:) We didnt get so far as to see that much more scenery that we had not already seen but was great nonetheless. We stopped off at a small beach (if you could call it that:)) for a bit which was nice, looked kind of like the island in King Kong hehe:) Thats what Tom said:)

After that we headed got some luncheon and ate it at the park again which was nice. Then headed back to the beach for another lazy afternoon. Was kind of bored actually and think Tom didnt enjoy it cause his ipod is broken.. But apart from that there was one funny point where this guy came up to us well stood next to Tom and started asking us something in spanish. Told him we didn't understand and he tried to speak to us in English and basically asked us if he could leave his bag next to us to take care ofit. Dont know why he continued to ask us when we could speak spanish but he left it with us and then went out to the water. He then came back very soon after, he didnt even go ni the ater for 15 minutes and then dried off and got his things together and left after having stood next to us for ages completely dressed literally not saying a word! I thoguth I soud say somethign but just felt awkward hehe:) I had a theory that the dude fancied Tom hehe cause he kept addressing him when he spoke and totally just kept stading next to him hehe very funny:) Tom was kinda scared and obviously felt uncomfortable haha:)

Anyways yep so that was our last day in Pucon! Feel kind of ready to go now a week was perfect. Back on the Pachamama bus we'll be off to Valdivia tommorrow just for the night we think, then off to Puerto Montt the next day. Will be getting off the bus again and then spending the next two weeks doing Bariloche.. maybe somemore of Argentina and a bit of Chiloe Island. Very exciting!:) Yep a bit hectic so may not be updating for a little bit but Bariloche should have loads of places with internet anyways:) Right I'll leave it there then!!

Locations Visited: Pucon

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