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I left Seattle on Friday 9th June and headed back to Clearwater to stay with my friend Samantha, her husband Dwayne and their two children Damian and Sophia. I had to first catch a bus through to Vancouver. At the border we all had to get off the bus, collect our luggage and go through to border control personnel. It took us a fair bit of time to do all this, so that made our arrival at the vancouver depot a bit late. This was good in some ways because i didn't need to wait for the next bus as long. From Vancouver I caught a bus to Kamloops, which about 1 1/2 hours from Clearwater. Sam and Dwayne met me at the bus and then we went and stayed at her sister's place for the weekend. I also met Sam's niece and her Dad. Its been great to finally meet people that I have been hearing about for 21 years. On Saturday we went down to the river front and the kids had an opportunity to run around in the water park area. On Sunday we headed home to Clearwater.
Unfortunately Sam had to work during my stay but Dwayne and the kids have showed me around the sights of Clearwater. This town has a river running through it, which is feed from the clearwater lake, which I went canoeing on for my trip. Unfortunately I can't remember all the places that Dwayne took me, but I have the photos to show. One day that we were out driving in the hills we came across a bear. The wind was going the right direction and so we were able to get out of the truck and watch it for a short time without it smelling us.
One weekend we left the kids with their grandparents and Sam, Dwayne and I went up to view waterfalls in the Wells Grey Park. These falls are amazing. They are all flowing rather well at the moment due to the runoff from the snow and rain. We never had any time on our camping trip to have a look at them, but I'm glad that I had this opportunity with Sam and Dwayne.
We also went fishing one day to a lake up in the mountains. Dwayne and Damian both caught some trout.
Another day I went to work with Sam. She works at a sawmill called Canfor. She made arrangements for me to go on a tour of the mill. I was able to see how the whole process of turning a tree into timber. The computers help to get the most out of one tree. It was a very interesting tour.
I got to go to a few birthday parties while I was here,one was a 1st and the other was a 96th. So have been able to meet most of Dwayne's family.
Neither Sam or I can believe that we have been writing for 21 years, time sure does fly by!

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