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Having a clue now of how to get to Universal Studios in less than an hour we set out at 10am and got on the train just down the road. At one of our connections we came across a lad from Ipswich who was carrying a huge rucksack just like ours. He had been doing summer camps in the east and was now touring the west. We made it OK to the studios, got our tickets and went in. The first attraction we went into was the Shrek 4D which was really good. We then went to the Water World exhibit which again was really good. The 'Back to the future' ride was a simulater and Lucy hated it. I thought it was OK. We both then went on the studio tour and saw where quite a few films were made like Pshyco, War of the worlds and lots of TV programs. I wanted to see the Terminator 3D show so Lucy went to the Animal star show. As we were getting near the end of the day I went to all of the Rollercoaster rides that Lucy didn't like and Lucy went to look at the shops. We then headed back and for a change we were in before 8:30pm. Tomorrow we are spending the afternoon at the airport before the flight to New Zealand at 9pm

Locations Visited: Los Angeles

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