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Once again we packed up camp and headed to Clearwater back in British Columbia. This place is special to me because I have a penpal whom I have been writing to since I was 13/14 years old! It was hard to believe that I was in her home town. I'm hoping to see her tomorrow night. We are going on an overnight canoeing trip on Clearwater Lake. On our way out to the lake, we finally saw some bears, they were eating beside the road, we saw two within 10 minutes of each other. The second one disappeared before I could get a photo. Once at the lake we had to load all our gear into dry bags just incase they got wet. Then each canoe was loaded with either the esky's, sleeping mats, tents, stoves, gas bottle and dry bags with our personal stuff in them. Its amazing how much gear they cna take. The canoeing was hard work, but I was lucky because I went with the canoeing guide, so he did a lot of the hard stuff!! He has been living in Clearwater for about the last five years, before that he was in England, but as a teenager he lived in Norway! So he was able to tell me some stuff about Norway. The guide and I had to go back and help out a few people who where having trouble with their paddling. We camped overnight on the edge of the lake just metres from the lake. Our tour guides cooked dinner for us - hamburgers. Two guys went for a swim, but they didn't last long as the water was rather cold!!!

Locations Visited: Clearwater

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