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My days in Sweden

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Ok let's go back to the beginning... (ahja, i'm going to write all in English, well not all, but almost all of it, in the spirit of the erasmus programme...)
Arrival day: flight was not to long and at airport directly train to Lund (my place to be) en daar stonden mensen u op te wachten om je naar een centrale gebouw te begeleiden. Once at the central building, you had to sign in for everything and stuff... and also wait for a room (had no room asigned to me, so had to wait even longer...) after LONG 3 hours, got a check, paid it, went back took the key, and BANG had a room at a mental institution (OK ok , formal mental institution) but it still looks like one. I love it :) only a lil bit far from town without bike (20 min walking)
eerste dagen een beetje afgezien (zonder fiets en al) After a few days bought a bike (really needed one!) crappy one but a reliable one, call it my "Black Beauty"

first week was really cool, every night party, you get to know 100 people each day... my corridor is really cool, love it (ahja my room, really not bad, HUGE! :p)

went to malmö, for a festival, was nice, er was er een HUGE "drop" zo een soort kermis attractie, en kdacht "i'm gonna die, i'm gonna die.. echt TE zot...) ma twas wel fun (achteraf :)

ehm after one week got some back news van thuisfront, just collapsed... (but dont want to talk about that, most of you guys now about it all...)

so a week later friday 1 september, first party after a week of morning? :s
was not bad, a bit confusing... (but that part is for the black book...) only for a selected crowd (vertel het wel persoonlijk
the day after, had to get up at 8, FUCK (diep in de poep gepakt...)
we went to Copenhagen, really easy by train... was echt cool, beautiful city, did cool things, met some new peeps... ah yeah, we went also to Christiania (= een onafh staatje met 700 peeps midden in kopenhagen...) echt crazy man... ni normaal, like a ghetto, can not discribe it, have to c it (no pics though, is not aloud in there) s the place where you can buy some hasjis and stuff like that. It's actually a big coffee shop :)

so after an exhausting weekend started my week (my classes were already busy for one week, like introduction and stuff... but this week was really crazy... NI normaal !!! monday class until seven, today (6/09) from 1 until 9 , i'm telling you, it's just CRAZY, but will get beter it's just for a few weeks + every thursday free day (but have to work on my project/presentation... (has to be done each friday, each week)

ehm what else, think there are million things i forgot to say, but pff tell it later, 'm tiered now.. going to bed

btw, no comments on my spelling and shit... like it like this... if you dont DONT READ IT then ! :p

Locations Visited: Lund, Malmo, Copenhagen

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