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…in with the locals...double 9… |

Date: Wednesday March 29, 2006
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I rented a scooter today… Didn’t get too far before I dumped it. As it was my first time riding, Andy offered to show me the ropes. I was doing ok until we reached a hill. I stopped at the top only to have the scooter roll backwards. I couldn’t stop nor could I touch the ground. I leaned to the right in desperation and allowed the bike to fall. It was so heavy, thank goodness Andy was with me. I managed to make my way back to the resort but decided for the safety of myself and others, to leave the scooter behind.

The group had already made their way earlier so I hopped in a taxi and headed to Anjuna Market alone. The market was filled with vendors selling anything and everything. They were aggressive and convincing. Not mastering the art of haggling, I‘m pretty sure I was over charged for my purchases.

I met some locals and lazed around Anjuna Beach for a while. Then Sahil, one of the local boys, offered to take me on his bike to another beach up north. He claimed there was magic mud there that did wonders for the skin and I wouldn’t find this spot in any tour books, for only the locals knew where it was. He seemed harmless and genuine so I agreed. The ride was incredible. I can see now how my brother thrives on long bike rides in nature. We got to Arambol Beach safely. After hiking 25 minutes uphill, we reached our destination. In a secluded area in the middle of the jungle, 2 natural inkpots of fresh mineral water lay before me. An Indian man was drinking directly from the fountain of fresh water trickling down the mountain. We chipped away at the mountain and crumbled the rocks to pieces. Then mixing with water, we created a paste and continued to smother the paste all over our bodies. I tried to explain how people in the Western World pay big money at Spas to get treatments like this. Sahil didn’t get it, why would you pay money? was all he could say.

The ride home was a journey as I didn’t have the address nor the phone number to Purple Valley. I had a rough idea of where the resort was, but in the dark everything looked the same, black. Asking for directions was a nightmare! Someone would point one way and another in the complete opposite direction. How foolish of me not to bring any contact information. All I had with me was my Lonely Planet guide to Goa which listed the Purple Valley resort but no address or phone number. By accident, we found our way and I felt so bad because the group was worried about me. I told them my adventures and Georgie assumed I must be a double-9, which according to numerology meant I tend to see goodness and have a natural trust in people straight away. In the negative sense, I’m a little naïve. Both are true but, I trust my intuition and usually my first impressions on people are correct. I told her my birthday and no shit, I’m double-9.

Locations Visited: Anjuna, Arambol

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