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I’ve just had two days off and had a fantastic time. Hope and I went skiing on Friday and I had a wonderful ski- until I wiped soooo badly on the last run. Ugh, I have the hugest bruise on my hip – just in time to show off in Hawaii… Yesterday I finally got around to doing Copper 101, which is an orientation for new employees, and also compulsory (the FD was just so busy the whole season that we never quite got around to it!) Doesn’t really make much sense the week before you leave, though! At least I get paid overtime for pretty much loafing – nice little bit of extra spending money!!

We’ve all had to send off to the British Consulate to get Working Holiday Visa’s for the UK, and the consulate is in LA, so I had to FEDEX my passport to them – so freaky because the FEDEX is just a box at the resort – you don’t speak to any people, and it’s a bit disconcerting just putting your passport in a plastic bag and sticking it in a box!! YIKES!

Today I’m back at work for a six-day stretch (well, five and a half days as of two minutes ago…). I’m so over this job! On Monday 19th I fly out of the cold to gorgeous Kauai. Joy sent me some books and it looks incredible – I just can’t wait! Then I’m going to Davis to join Joy and Steve, then I’m off to visit some old Pretoria friends, Tony and Coleen, in Knoxville, Tennessee. I’m really looking forward to seeing them again after sooo long. Then I’m flying to Boston to visit Gill Larson on Rhode Island – and it’s sounding like she’s got some awesome excursions planned for me. After that it all gets a bit foggy – I’m still working on it. Looks like Nina might fly to Boston to join me, and then we’ll carry on to NY. We’re also trying to get our flights changed to fly out of DC so that we can fit that in too, so hopefully Washington, but definitely New York!

And then off to London to do some real work!!

Locations Visited: Copper Mountain

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